Prayer Times 1.5 brings Lock Screen Widgets

We strive to provide the best user experience at all times. That is to say, we’re always up to date by supporting the latest iOS features. That’s why the newest release of Prayer Times brings “Lock Screen Widgets” to the front row.

We added home screen widgets last year. It allowed you to view upcoming prayer time and today’s times without having to open the app. But with this update hitting your devices, lock screen widgets have been added to kick things up a notch.

With Prayer Times 1.5, there is no need to unlock your phone to check the upcoming prayer time, countdown, and Hijri date. You can easily do that from the comfort of your lock screen. With that stated, multiple widgets are also available.

In addition, we also updated Apple Watch complications. This allows you to view the same particulars directly by simply looking at your wrist.

We believe that these additions make the experience more effortless and smoother.

We hope you like it. And as we always say, we prioritize giving our users the best experience possible.

P.S. Unfortunately, we had to disable countdown widgets due to a bug in iOS16. We will re-enable these widgets once Apple fixes the bug.

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