Mockup 3.4 brings in Arrangement Options, Pasteboard Support, New TV Template, and more

The Apprime Studio Team is proud to present a major update designed to vastly enhance UI & UX design. This update is based on the much-valued feedback and suggestions we have received from you— our users, and we are grateful, to a great extent, for your contributions.

The New Features

The new range of features helps you create the perfect sketch/wireframe.

Arrangement Options

You can now reorder and arrange objects like elements, text, images, and symbols using the Bring Forward, Bring to Front, Send Backward, and Send to Back options.

For strokes, being front by default, you can use the Send to Back option to move it to the back of the drawing.

Pasteboard Support

Mockup brings in Pasteboard Support. Cut or copy any selection and paste it anywhere in the canvas or even copy text and image objects to other apps. Additionally, you can paste text, images, or drawings copied from other apps inside the canvas. The same can be done with drawings for apps that are powered by PencilKit, like Notes. Highlighting an important note, If multiple objects are selected, the selection is copied as a single image.

Convert Drawings to Objects

Further on, Mockup allows you to convert drawings to objects that you can then easily arrange and manage. Once you tap on “Convert to Object”, the strokes will be removed from the drawing layer and added behind, as an object and it will be then treated and arranged as other objects. These objects can be converted back to strokes and be part of the drawing again.

New TV Template

Additionally, we’ve added a new TV template owing to the high requests from all of you.

Publish User-Created Elements to the Community

Publish your created elements directly to the Mockup community from the app. By sharing created elements, you get to access and use elements created by other users, while also allowing them to benefit from yours.

Likewise, elements can be imported from the community by downloading and saving them in the library.

More Toolbar Items for iPad & Mac

Not to mention more Toolbar Items for iPad and Mac are added, allowing you to customize your toolbar and add new items including Bring to Front, Send to Back, Bring Forward, Send Backwards, Group, and Ungroup to the default center items menu.

Apple Pencil Double Tap Gesture

The Apple Pencil Double Tap Gesture can now be customized. In the gestures sidebar, you can choose between Switch to Eraser, Switch to Lasso, Toggle Shape Detection, Toggle Ruler, and Off.

iPhone Toolbar

The new iPhone toolbar allows you to use important functions such as inserting images, text, symbols, and drawing tools. Access the library for elements or style your text and symbols.


The latest version of Mockup has made significant improvements to the user experience. Inserted text now appears above the keyboard for faster editing and the Text & Symbols size slider has been improved to make it easier to choose small sizes.

The SF Symbols picker opens instantly and shows the selected color. Additionally, the SF Symbols rendering picker now displays previews of the selected symbol and the weight picker for symbols has been enhanced. The visibility of the color palette selection indicator has been improved and two new icons, one for the View sidebar and one for Mockup Community, have been added.

Additionally, the experience for guidelines and selection handles has been improved and the look and feel of the lasso selection have been enhanced. Finally, bug fixes as well as the overall sketching experience have been improved.

These changes are sure to create an improved user experience and make it easier than ever to create and design projects. We hope you enjoy the update!

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