Unplug Alarm’s Website is Now Online!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website for Unplug Alarm! This new website is designed to provide you with all the information you need to learn about our app and how it can help you to protect your MacBook.

Unplug Alarm

Unplug Alarm is designed to provide you with the ultimate protection for your MacBook device.

It sounds an alarm siren, sends push notifications, and captures photos whenever someone attempts to steal your MacBook. Hence, with its pivotal features, you can leave your device with peace of mind, knowing that it’s protected against theft.

Sound Alarm

Even if your MacBook is muted, Unplug Alarm activates a loud alarm when someone unplugs it from the charger or closes the screen. You can trust that the alarm will draw attention and deter potential thieves.

Send Push Notifications

Unplug Alarm alerts you instantly whenever someone tries to steal your MacBook. With the siren alarm and photo capture features, you’ll receive immediate notifications on your mobile devices after installing the client app.

Take Photos

Unplug Alarm goes the extra mile by capturing a photo as soon as your MacBook is unplugged from power. This photo is then sent to you as a notification, providing valuable evidence in case of theft.

Visit our new website to learn more about Unplug Alarm and its features.

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