Mockup 3.5 elevates your wireframes with shapes & rounded images

Apprime Studio is excited to bring you Mockup’s latest update. Get ready to elevate your wireframes and bring a fresh level of creativity to your designs with shapes and rounded images.


Shapes have never been easier to incorporate into your designs!

With the new update, you can seamlessly insert various shapes directly from the toolbar or the iPad’s sidebar.

Whether you need a crisp rectangle, a perfect ellipse, or a sleek line, we’ve made the process smooth and hassle-free.

Shapes button in the toolbar

Mockup gives you access to personalize every aspect when styling shapes matching your vision and bringing precision to your sketches.
The style options include fill color, stroke options, corner radius, and opacity controls.

Styling shapes in Mockup 3.5


Polish the visual appeal of your images with greater control by adjusting opacities and fine-tuning the corner radius.

Corner radius and opacity controls for images in Mockup 3.5

There’s More

That’s not all. We’ve diligently addressed bug fixes and implemented comprehensive enhancements, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive sketching experience.

Your feedback remains a cornerstone of our progress. Thank you for being part of the Mockup community!

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