Mockup 3.6 brings in Preview Widgets, Recents Widgets, and a Suite of New Drawing Tools

Apprime Studio is thrilled to introduce the latest update to Mockup, delivering an even more powerful sketching experience with the addition of widgets and a suite of new drawing tools.

Preview Widgets

Introducing Preview Widgets, an immersive experience that seamlessly allows you to display the sketches you created with widget templates directly on your home screen.

Preview Widgets elevates your design experience, effortlessly aligns with and facilitates your creative vision.

Medium Preview Widget

After creating a sketch with any of the widget templates, you can easily set it to be displayed on your home screen from the top-right menu.

With Preview Widgets, you can smoothly cycle through designs created within the same sketch of a widget template using the arrows located on the widgets.

It is available exclusively on iOS/iPadOS 17.

Recents Widgets

Mockup’s latest update introduces a set of stunning widgets that allows you to quickly access your most recently opened sketches right from your home screen.

These widgets are available in three different sizes, ensuring a visually pleasing and convenient experience with a simple tap.

Recents Widgets in 3 sizes

New Drawing Tools

We’ve enriched your creative toolkit with a variety of new customizable drawing tools, giving you more ways to sketch your ideas.

With the latest update, you’ll have access to the Monoline, Fountain Pen, Watercolor, and Crayon, all at your fingertips.

The new drawing tools are available on iOS/iPadOS 17.

New Drawing Tools

Extra Large Widget Template

We’ve expanded the existing set of templates available on Mockup by introducing the extra large widget to the list of widgets templates.

This addition facilitates seamless wireframing and sketching for your designs, helping bring your creative vision to life.

Extra Large Widget Template

Continuous Improvements

In our commitment to providing you with the best sketching experience, we’ve diligently addressed bug fixes and implemented various improvements.

As always, we value your feedback immensely. Your insights and suggestions are the driving force behind our progress.

Get Mockup’s latest update and take your sketches to new heights.

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