Mockup 3.7 brings in a smoother and more flawless sketching experience!

Get ready for a smoother and more flawless experience with the all-new Mockup 3.7 update from Apprime Studio. Brace yourself for a seamlessly enhanced sketching workflow through a series of improvements and bug fixes.

Improved Sidebar & Panels

Explore our revamped and refined sidebar and panels, now tailored to provide you with a streamlined and efficient workflow like never before.

The Library, View Preferences, Gestures Preferences, and Export, in addition to Text, Images, Symbols, and Shapes styling controls, are all under your fingertips to boost your design journey.

Embrace a more responsive and user-friendly experience, elevating your creative process.


Use the guidelines effortlessly even when zoomed out. Say goodbye to the hassle and foster a process that brings your ideas to life with precision and ease.

Enhanced Text Experience

Enjoy the newly enhanced, uninterrupted text editing experience, free from the constraints of previous text-related issues.

Our latest update grants you unparalleled control over your text ensuring that it perfectly complements the rest of your sketches.

Light/Dark Appearance on Mac

Unleash your creative vision with Mockup 3.7’s complete control over the light/dark appearance on your Mac. Customize the visual aesthetics of your Mockup workspace to align perfectly with your creative vision.

Whether it’s a deep-focus dark appearance or a light mode for an inspiring canvas, the decision is entirely yours.

Continuous Improvements

Rest assured, our dedication to providing you with the best sketching experience remains steadfast. In this update, we’ve diligently addressed bug issues and implemented various improvements, all geared toward ensuring a more consistent and stable user experience.

As always, we value your feedback immensely. Your insights and suggestions are the driving force behind our progress.

Don’t miss out on the enhanced Mockup experience. Grab Mockup’s latest update and take your sketches to new heights.

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