Mockup employs new element sets, object alignment & distribution, enhanced accessibility, and more

Welcome to an unparalleled UI & UX design journey! Mockup 3.8, the latest from Apprime Studio, is here to facilitate your creative workflow with its additions and enhancements.

We’ve prioritized your input, shaping this update based on valuable user feedback we received. That’s right, your requests were heard loud and clear, and now they’re at your fingertips.

And to ensure you don’t miss out, grab Mockup’s latest update right away.

New & Updated Elements Sets

Dive into limitless design possibilities with our all-new sets of web elements, iPad elements, and updated iPhone elements.

The element sets are specifically put together to help you be more flexible and allow versatility in your design process.

Whether you’re working on an app, a website, or any other project, these sets are here to assist you and make your ideas a reality.

Web Elements in action

Align & Distribute Your Objects

Start your pixel-perfect journey of precision and consistency with Mockup’s alignment and distribution. These additions guarantee that your designs maintain a great level of finesse.

You can seamlessly align multiple objects relative to one another to the Left, Center, Right, Top, Center, or Bottom. Additionally, you can easily distribute three or more objects horizontally or vertically ensuring a consistent layout.

The new arrange sidebar with Align and Distribute options

Take Control of Your Exports

The latest Mockup update features enhanced export options for a cleaner presentation. They offer you unprecedented control over the final appearance of your designs.

Get ready to explore and experiment with “Mask in Frames”. This addition seamlessly encases all objects within the device frames, ensuring a polished result. And here’s a side note for you, in case you’re wondering, your drawings and annotations will not be affected.

But wait, there’s more! You can toggle grids on and off as you export your sketches or wireframes, giving you full say in the finalized version.

Mask in Frames and Include Grid options in the Mockup’s Export Screen


Delve into an upgraded experience of readability and accessibility within your design journey. Mockup’s latest version introduces seamless support for dynamic type text sizes and bold text preferences, emphasizing and prioritizing a more user-friendly interface.

Mockup 3.8 supports Dynamic Type

New Templates

Mockup 3.8 unveils brand-new templates, iPhone 15 Pro & iPhone 15 Pro Max to stay up-to-date.

Enjoy incorporating these templates throughout your projects and bring them to life.

This new update is packed with numerous improvements and bug fixes driven by your valuable feedback and suggestions for a more stable user experience. Your input has been instrumental in making these enhancements possible.

Experience the enhanced Mockup experience. Get your hands on Mockup’s latest update for a whole new level of UI & UX design

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